We will restore Truth, Honor and Integrity to Public Office in promoting

Liberty and
justice for all

with CGF for President

A Libertarian Presidential Candidate can win in 2024

We welcome non-partisan independents, liberal-minded Republicans, fiscally conservative Democrats,
and all those who wish to vote for a highly qualified candidate who has a great deal to offer.

In the general election of 2024, you should not have to pick between the lesser of two evils.

If not in 2024, then definitely in 2028

we need to bring back offshore jobs

CGF refuses to accept the globalist de facto corporate monopoly propaganda that high-paying jobs sent offshore will never come back.

Well, we can make them come back, given the Oval Office in 2024. And we have a plan to make it happen.

In that, the Federal government should have been dispensed with when Lee surrendered to Grant in 1865,
making the simple existence of the Federal government unlawful and unconstitutional.
At the same time, preserving our fundamental US Constitution and US government foundation prior to the US civil war.

All the while, promoting ethical capitalism – plus fair, equitable, and just trade practices.


Restore our agricultual and manufacturing base


Restore the IRS tax code we had in the mid 1950’s


Eliminate the lobbyists, bribes, kickbacks, & porkbarrel politics


Go back to a silver standard with US coinage & silver certificates

How can we help make america better?

economic recovery


full employment


downsize washington dc


self reliant economy


Welfare programs are bankrupting our states

Not counting Social Security and Medicare that must remain solvent

the war in the Ukraine

means ww iii is coming

We need a strong leader in the White House who can head NATO and help develop 21st-century weaponry,
with advanced conventional and unconventional tactics, and strategies.

We need an otherwise extraordinary, fit Commander and Chief.

.. but with good statesmanship and diplomacy it could be avoided

What are Libertarians and what do they believe

Patriotic slideshow